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Upstate Services Group is a company that provides administrative and operational support to its affiliated skilled nursing facilities throughout New York. The owners of Upstate are the established operators and owners of the affiliated facilities. Our mission is to be the leading provider of high quality comprehensive health care services in an environment where our people come first. Upstate Services Group has a corporate office in Spring Valley, New York and another in Syracuse, New York.

Members of Upstate Services Group have been involved in nursing home management and administration for two decades, with a successful track record of turning around facilities in financial and regulatory distress. Upstate Services Group employs administrators, registered nurses and other individuals with many years of experience in the nursing home industry. These individuals possess strong abilities to transition facilities back to successful operation.

Upstate Services Group currently oversees the operation of eleven (11) skilled nursing facilities located throughout New York State comprising over 1600 beds and 1600 employees. One example of a successful transition is Central Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Syracuse. Prior to acquisition, Central Park was the former Vivian Teal Howard Residential Health Care Facility. Vivian Teal Howard was on the Special Focus Facility list as identified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as one of the worst performers of care in the country. The facility was in imminent danger of losing its provider agreements and shutting down. The HUD insured mortgage was in serious default.

Vivian Teal Howard was acquired in November 2008 and graduated from the Special Focus Facility list in June 2010 for improved quality of care. Not only did the quality of care improve but the financial viability of the facility also improved. The occupancy percentage improved to 97%, reimbursement improved with increased case mix and payer mix approaches and the successful negotiation of labor management agreements in 2008 and again in 2010. Central Park balanced quality of care with cost effective delivery of care, hence preserving the facility as a needed resource for Onondaga County. This includes residential health care and rehabilitation services, Adult Day Program spaces, employment of 200+ individuals and thus saving jobs and also vendor relationships servicing the facility. Central Park preserved access to health care beds as an integral part of the health care continuum in Syracuse and Onondaga County.

We are well positioned for successful transition of facilities and the continued operation of the services being provided. We work hard for a seamless transition for current facility residents and their families without interruption of care and services. Historically, we have encountered and ensured smooth transitions of current facility operations, with positive results, improved care and levels of satisfaction. This aligns with our mission of being the leader in providing high quality comprehensive health care services in an environment where our people come first.

Upstate Services Group, LLC - Spring Valley Office
One Hillcrest Center Drive, Suite #225
Spring Valley,  NY  10977
t. (845) 371-8100
f. (845) 371-0010
Upstate Services Group, LLC - Syracuse Office
116 Martin Luther King East
Syracuse,  NY  13205
t. 315-475-1641
f. 315-478-0688
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